The Lynchian Jumpscare

-Spikima Movies: David Lynch – How To Do A Jumpscare-


Adam Stevenson1 week ago (edited) As Hitchcock said – suspense works when the audience knows something is coming. The scare in MD [„Mulholland Drive“] is all about the suspense of knowing that something is coming, but not knowing exactly what we’re going to see – just the vague description the guy gives of the dream – so the audience, the entire time during the build-up, is imagining their own version of a scary face – and Lynch’s editing is so meticulously timed that you never know when it’s coming – and when it finally does, it’s not someone jumping out suddenly – which is what we’re expecting – but a smooth gliding movement and a non-descript make-up job on the face that allows us to put our own face we’ve been imagining ONTO that face in a way, which makes it more about what we’re afraid of and what was in our imagination than the face that was actually there. If you pause the face – it’s NOT that frightening-looking – it’s not pretty or anything – but it’s our memory of the face we imagined that makes the scene work. In other words, it’s a jump scare – but unlike one that comes out of nowhere, it’s the suspense and the audience themselves who make it work. And that’s why Lynch is brilliant.


2 Gedanken zu “The Lynchian Jumpscare

  1. The humble narrator remembers how he froze internally at this scene in „Mulholland Drive“ and the uncanny feeling of ultimate dread never left thrughout the whole movie. And now looking at this face in the video-still and there’s nothing that frightening at all! Marvellous!

    Gefällt mir

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